Rethinking Fear


A simple unique approach to reprogram old patterns for a happier, more confident life.

One of the most common issues that deters individuals from moving forward in their lives and their careers is fear. Fear of failing. Fear of feeling. Fear of striving. Fear of speaking. Fear of trusting. Fear of trying. Fear of even the slightest change.

Neurological research has shown that chronic stress, such as fear, inhibits the brain’s ability to regenerate neurons. This limits mental functions needed to discover, learn, create and succeed in life.

The more competent you feel about your coping skills, the less you will fear. The goal is to provide you with tools to better understand your fear, increase your cognitive function and emotional intelligence to actively deal with your fear and replace fearful patterns with freeing patterns.

RETHINKING FEAR provides creative exercises to stimulate cognitive, emotional and neurotransmitter functions to help individuals override fearful patterns and create happier lives.